Today quality, Tomorrow business

RMP follows stringent Quality control measures to ensure high quality products to achieve international standards. Quality management is applied from front design to dispatch of targets in order to meet the target of zero defect supplies.

Inspection Facilities of a rare and high class, include machines for measurement and metallurgical inspection to check profile and surface finish, case depth, complex geometry, carbon and sulphur analysers among other parameters. Each and every facility has its own inspection department and we have made huge investment in our R & D section and in our Infrastructure facility with our material testing laboratory to manufacture world class products. As a forward-looking company, we invest a great deal in research and development.

RMP products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in house to ensure extended life in the most adverse operating conditions to make it a most reliable brand in the automotive and textile industry.

RMP operates its fully functional plant and manufacturing facility under one roof to manufacture Bearings, Auto Parts, Textile Bearings and Parts and Universal Joints.

RMP’s expertise lies in manufacturing processes like grinding, super finishing, heat treatment, press work, injection molding, and activities for building automated SPM and validation Test Rigs by virtue of in-house tool room to meet customer specific requirements. RMP has its own tool room with all state of the art technology machines.

Inspection and Testing Facilities

Countour Machine Mahr
Roundness tester unit Mahr
Roughness tester unit Mahr
Bearing vibration tester WUXI
Length Measuring Instrument LEITZ
Dial calibration tester Microtech
Electronic comparator Tess
Electro magnetic crack detector Magna Field
>Match Gauging System Task
Profile Projector Karl Zess
Microscope with Digital Printer Karl Zess
Spectroscope Feed back
Erichsen cupping test Fie
Micro hardness tester unit Essyway
Universal testing machine Deuteron
Electro magnetic crack detector Magna Field
Rockwell Hardness tester SMS Ind.