Community Impact

RMP is not just a commercial enterprise for its employees and its vicinity. It is an integral member of every household that it supports. The town of Ranpur has played a pivotal role in bringing us to where we are today through four decades of big dreams and collective effort to bring those dreams to life. We acknowledge the contribution of every person associated with RMP which has helped us reach where we are today by ensuring that a part of our growth story is lived by each member of the RMP family.

Over and above our basic ethical obligation of creating gainful employment opportunities and supporting the livelihood of over 10,00 employees we also contribute to the welfare of employees and their families by serving

  • Medical Checkups for employees and family
  • Funding financial emergencies with interest-free loans
  • Sponsoring local community events
  • Organizing tree plantation camps
  • Providing scholarships to meritorious children of our employees
  • Organizing blood donation camp.
  • Corona vaccination drive for all its employee

With each day our vision for RMP grows larger and stronger. We consider it a privilege to harness the strengths of many and channelize it into growth which not only fulfils and satisfy the organizational goals but also merit the individuals supporting the vision.