Chairman’S Message

As the Chairman , I am honored to uphold the company’s values and continue to chase engineering excellence through our products and innovations. The curiosity to deliver something new is as important today in our 4 th decade of operation as is was at the company’s inception.

As the company has continued to grow and expand from its humble beginnings in the Botad District in 1978, we have had to adapt to the changing needs and requirements of industries. Through this change, our focus on serving the needs of our clients and continuing to be their partners in progress has remained steadfast.

Our dedicated staff, with their absolute commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, has helped shape the company and position RMP at the forefront of our industry.

Our branches and trading departments are strategically located to provide a sound marketing base for the Company’s extensive range of industrial and automotive products. We live and breathe in the local communities in which we operate. We aim to work smarter and be more attentive to the individual requirements of our client base to ensure that we deliver “best value” for our products. We always welcome the opportunity for constructive feedback as this helps our organization remain dynamic in its pursuit of providing the best components every time.

As the Company continues to grow we are ever mindful to adapt with the emerging needs of the industry and
customers whom we regard as strategic symbiotic partners. We are proud to be a part of the industry and I thank
our staff and customers for their continued support that has helped us scale our company to where it is today.

R.C. Makwana